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We offer multiple services to maintain bell's system, clocks and lightning rod. Our team is the best there is in this specialty since 1956. We are well equipped and we have all the skills and expertise to offer our clients the best service there is.

Our technicians are certified and will inspect carefully your systems to identify quickly any problem that may occur. We will make sure everything is in order to avoid any breaks.

Maintenance & repare service

The different bell's system need sharp attention and regular maintenance. Our qualified teams have all the knowledge to assure the functionning of your systems.  



We offer the restoration & polishing of your bells. Our specialists give back the  youth spark to your bells system.


Electronical Systems

We have a complete range of electrical controllers, amplifiers and speakers. We are the officals representatives of Clock-o-Matic products in Canada. Including: Campa, Tempora, Tempus, Apollo and Movotron systems.   ​


Yearly inspection service

It's important to do a annual ckeck-up of your bell system to assure it is safe and that it will not break.


 Installing & repairing of clock tower systems.

The machanical systems of the clock tower require a complex maintenance. We offer all the necessary services to assure the good functionning and offer you the right time.

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